In this site you will find information about Proto (i.e commands)
You might realize this is new. (At least if you've used Proto before). Well this is our new latest update. We've included several new features (and removed a few) for you to have fun with
Here are the new current changes
  • Added NSFW Commands (currently only supports e621)
  • Added support for Slash (/) Commands (re-invite the bot if you don't see them)
  • Added a bunch of new image manipulation commands
  • Added a lot of fun random image commands (to get images of foxes, cats, etc.)
  • Added a few new moderation commands (mute, unmute)
  • Updated the snipe command, now it can return all the attachments & images
  • Removed economy, this was due to the reason that storing the data for it was too difficult and un-efficient, to compensate for this, users who had above 100k coins get premium for free
  • Removed text modification commands (except for uwuify), though, there are plans to re-add it
Here you will be able to find all of the currently available information for the Discord bot Proto, developed by Rai#3621.
For suggestions/bug reports you may join the Discord server​
Last modified 5mo ago
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